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Make a Million Rand !

Dear friend,

Read this letter and you will be grateful you received it.

My name is David Stein. 1 December 1993 my printing business went bankrupt because of the poor state of the economy. My 2 cars were repossessed, and debt collectors were hounding me like you would not believe. I owed R885,600-00 and insolvency or prison was my only future. My family, my reputation, my sanity and my life was at stake.(I became very ill!)

On the 9th January 1994 I received a letter by mail advising me "How To Make A Million Rand Within One Year - For An Investment Of Only R150-00!". I thought it was a joke! - ONE MILLION RAND!!!! Impossible! Never in a million years! I spoke to my Advocate and friends about it and they said I'd be stupid to try it and would waste my time. But after 3 days of desperate struggle in court to stay out of jail, I decided I had nothing to lose.

My family and I enthusiastically (bred out of desperation!) grabbed the only slim opportunity available to us and sent in my name, address and R50-00 to each of the 3 names on the "Make a Million" list. We also distributed 3,600 photocopies of the letter by hand in the Newlands area. Within 6 days the money started rolling in like an avalanche. Thousands and thousands. I couldn't believe it. R5250-00 within 12 days, R130,000-00 within 82 days, and R580,350 within 90 days. I BECAME A MILLIONAIRE WITHIN 5 MONTHS AND 3 DAYS!!!

Today I have a house in Clifton, 2 new BMW's a new printing and clothing business, a happy family, excellent health, R100,000-00 per month to spend on investments, luxuries, holidays all over the world, AND NO DEBT!!!

If you follow the 3 steps in this letter, you could be a Millionaire within 6 Months! This "Make a Million" system is a once in a lifetime opportunity that has real potential of earning big sums of money. For this unique opportunity, you are only required to make a contribution of only R150-00.

If you really do NOT want to be a MILLIONAIRE, please pass this letter to someone who might want to benefit from having R1,000,000-00 IN CASH!!! (Or someone who is financially desperate!)

So, MILLIONAIRE TO BE! - follow these 3 steps, and in 90 days you can be a whole lot better off, financially, than you are right now!

Step 1: Write your name and address on 3 standard size sheets of paper together with the words: "please add me to your mailing list". Place a R50-00 note into each sheet, fold it to fit into your envelopes so that the notes are not visible through the envelopes. Seal the envelopes, stamp and post them to each of the 3 addresses below:


Remember, this is a legitimate service for which you are paying, and that the listed people above have bought you this opportunity as you will pass it onto others. There is a saying in the business world - "Always spend a little money, before you can expect to receive lots of it."

Step 2: After you have sent R50-00 to each of the 3 people currently listed REMOVE the name that is number 3 on the list, and move the other two names DOWN one position (number 1 becomes number 2, and number 2 becomes number 3). Now enter YOUR name and address and Box number as number 1. This can be done by typing or writing the new list on a strip of paper (Cut to fit the present list box) and stick it over the existing list. Do not be tempted to put your name further down the list, as this will result in you receiving a lot LESS money! When you have done this, make at least 400 photocopies of this letter. Be sure to make good quality copies so that others can copy from yours. Keep this master copy you are now reading in a safe place so you can use it again and again, whenever you need to make more money.

Step 3: Get 400 names and addresses from your telephone directory, including those of friends, relatives and colleagues or purchase a good mailing list. Place your 400 copies into envelopes, seal, stamp and address them, and immediately post them. (send as many as you like, but not less than 400 copies). If you want to save the postage money, deliver them by hand in your neighbourhood, or employ children at a fee.

As soon as you have send off your 400 copies, you're automatically in the Mail Order Business, and people will start sending you R50-00 to be placed on your mailing list. This is a perfectly legal service. You may even be able to offer other special services of further information to those who reply. You can sell your list to big Mail Order Businesses at a good price after you've collected at least 2,000 names.

You could consider renting a Post Box at your local Post Office to handle the thousands of letters you will receive. If you want to remain anonymous, you may enter your name as "The Manager" or "Die Bestuurder" plus your box number or street address.

Now I will tell you HOW it works:

In theory, if each participant send out a minimum of 200 copies of this letter, your name will appear on 200 copies in the number 1 position, on 40,000 in the number 2 position, and on 8,000,000 copies in the number 3 position. If every single person who received a copy of the letter that bore your name, and say sent you R10-00, you'd receive R80,402,000-00.

But in practice, about 98% of all recipients either give way to their scepticism, fear of losing their R150-00 and the cost of the photocopies and postage, or are just to lazy to do the work of sending the letters. So you can only expect 2 % of the above total, or R1,608,040-00 for your effort. That's not bad, isn't it?

But let's be really pessimistic and not allow as high a response as 2 %, and expect only a return of 0,5% and see what the result would be R80,402,000-00 x 0,5% = R402,010-00. That's really a BAD return on R150-00 wouldn't you say? Of course not! So, if you want a Million, at even that bad return, you just have to send 600 letters!

We've looked at "in theory", and we've looked at "in practise", now let's look at "in FACT!": In my own case, I sent out 3,000 letters per month for 3 months (a total of 9000 letters). I paid off my debts and became a Millionaire! I BECAME ONE, YOU CAN TOO!!! (This translates to R205,00 received for every letter sent!).

Here are letters from two participants from my previous mailings:

Dear Mr. Stein, About 7 months ago I received your letter. I was very tempted to take part, but a family and work crisis prevented me, and I put the letter to one side. I was soon made redundant and could not think of a worse position to be in. I then remembered your letter and not expecting much, thought I'd give it a try. One week went by after I had posted R150-00 and 400 letters. In the second week I started to receive a small amount of replies, but in the third week it was unbelievable. I found it hard opening all the letters and counting all the R50-00 notes. I made R106,800 in 2 months! In such a short period of time it is the largest amount of money I've ever seen - never mind earned! I'm grateful for receiving your letter and having the opportunity to make this amount of money. I'm already sending out more letters, and want to be a Millionaire before the end of 1995. Thank you very much. May God Bless you - J.P. Nicholson; Paarl. (this translate to R267,00 received for every letter sent!)

Dear David, I am sceptical by nature and I didn't expect your "Make a Million" business plan would work. Anyway, I am 70 years old, a pensioner, and had plenty of time to send out letters. I send R150-00 to the listed people and 600 copies to complete strangers and hoped for the best. For 6 days nothing happened, but within the next weeks I received 95 letters and R950-00. I could not wait for each new day and the postman to knock on my door with dozens of letters. I told him I was getting mail from all my girlfriends! Over the next 4 months to date, I have received nearly R380,000-00 from the letters. I am amazed. I have moved from my small flat and now live permanently in a 3 Star Hotel in the strand. I have travelled to Israel, Canada and Australia to visit my children and grand children. "ALL MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE IN A MATTER OF MONTHS" Many thanks for your letter. Regards, Frank de Klerk; Strand. (This translates to R633,00 received for every letter sent!)

NB: The 400 copy minimum of this letter is only a guideline. Naturally, the more you send, the greater the return you can expect. ("You don't reap a lot if you only sow a little!") Try not to delay your decision to "Make a Million" for more than 3 days, because in this business, every day counts, time is precious and worth a fortune.

Wishing you every Success, Partner, - David Stein.

Go for it! Enjoy your Million!

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