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15 Million Rand Offer


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Dear Reader,

Read this letter carefully and you will be grateful you received it.

My name is Lenin Nathan. In December 1994 my printing business went bankrupt because of the poor state of the economy, my 2 cars were repossessed and dept collectors were hounding me like you would not believe. I owed R885 600 and insolvency or prison was my only future. My family, my reputation, my sanity and my life was at stake. (I became very ill). On the 9 th January 1995 I received a letter by mail advising me "How to make R16 million within 3 months For An Investment Of Only R150" I thought it was a joke (16 MILLION RAND !!!, IMPOSSIBLE, ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE, NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS)!!

I spoke to my advocate and friends about it and they said I would be stupid to try it and would waste my time. But after 3 days of desperate struggle in court to stay out of jail I decided I had nothing to lose.

My family and I enthusiastically (Bred out of desperation) grabbed the slim opportunity available to us and sent in my name, address and R50 to each of the 3 names on the "BECOME A MILLIONAIRE LIST". We also distributed 3600 photocopies of the letter by hand in the Newlands area. Within 6 Days The Money Started Rolling In Like An Avalanche, Thousands and Thousands. I could not believe it R50 250 within 12 days, R130 010 within 62 days and R5 800 350 within 90 days. I BECAME A MILLIONAIRE WITHIN 3 MONTHS AND 3 DAYS!!


Remember this is a legitimate service for which you are paying and that the listed people above have bought this opportunity as you will pass it on to others. There is a saying in the business world "Always spend a small amount before you can expect to receive lots of it".

Post the amount of R150 and your business name to our main office in Opportunities Global, P.O. Box 2335, Walvis Bay, Namibia, cheques and postal orders made out to Opportunities Global, we will then distribute your cash to the list below where I will authorise each of the companies to add your business name (onto our agent list and help distribute it throughout the country). Keep in mind that if you become our agent (by purchasing any one of our other programmes) this scheme will be given to you FREE.

Here are the 3 businesses who will distribute your business name throughout the country (including our main office).

1. R Wentzel - PO Box 822, Walvis Bay, Namibia
2. B Steyn PO Box 1081 Sedgefield 6573 South Africa
3. Opportunities Global - PO Box 2335, Walvis Bay, Namibia (Main Office)

As soon as you send your 200 copies you are automatically in the Mail Order Business and people are sending you R50 to be placed on your mailing list. This is a service and is perfectly legal. You may even be able to offer other special services or future information to people that reply. You can sell your list to Big Mail Order Businesses at a good price after you have collected more than 2000 names.


Dear Lenin. About seven months ago I received your letter. I was very tempted to take part but a family and work crises prevented me from taking part and I put the letter one side. I was soon made redundant and could not think of a worse position to be in. I then remembered your letter and not expecting much thought I would give it a try. One week went by after I had posted R150 to your company and 400 letters. In the second week I started to receive a small amount of reply's but the 3rd week was unbelievable. I found it hard opening all the letters and counting all the R50 notes. I made R100 680 in two months. In such a short period of time, it is the largest amount of money I have ever seen, never mind earned. It was like winning the state lottery, it was too good to be true. I am grateful for receiving your letter and having the opportunity to make this amount of money. I am already sending out more letters and want to be a millionaire before the end of 1995. Thank you very much. May God bless you. JP Nicholson, PAARL.

Dear Lenin. I am skeptical by nature and I did not believe that your "Make a million" business plan would work. Anyway I am a 70-year-old pensioner and had plenty of time to send out letters. I sent the R150 to your company in Rivonia people and 600 copies out to complete strangers and hoped for the best. For six days nothing happened, but within the next week 95 letters and R4 750. I could not wait for each new day and the postman's knock on my door with dozens of letters. I told him I was getting mail from all my girlfriends. Over the next few months to date I received nearly R3 800 000 from the letter. I am amazed. I have been able to move from my small flat and now live permanently in a 3 star hotel in the strand. I have traveled to Israel, Canada and Australia to visit my children and grandchildren. "ALL MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE IN A MATTER OF MONTHS" many thanks for our letter. Regards, Frans De Klerk, STRAND.


- 2 -

How the Make R15 Million in 3 Months Scheme Works

Every 200 clearly photocopied letters you send out, the average return is 15% (or 30 letters with R50 notes in). It will take about 21 days for most of the letters to arrive. That means you will get at least R1 500 sent with your name at Number 1. Thirty letters (or new agents) will get letters with your name at number 2. We will type the new form to your new agents with their name at number 1 and your at number 2 at no extra cost.

Thirty agents will send out 30 times 200 (600) or more letters with your name at number 2. Within 30 days your 15% return will arrive (900 letters with R50 notes inside). That means that you get at least R 45 000 with your name at number 2.

900 new agents will send out 900 times 200 (180 000) or more letters with your name at number 3. Within 30 days your 15% will arrive (27 000 with R50 notes inside). That means you get at least R1 350 000 with your name at number 3. And a grand total of R1 396 500 within 90 days for 200 copies sent out and R150 investment.

Now remember the more copies you make the more income you will receive by making 1 200 copies will receive a minimum of R15 361 500. Over R15 million in 3 months.

Here are a few more responses we have received from agents.

"..... I have worked hard all my life trying to make a living, but I never seem to make enough for my family, we never are able to go on holiday or enjoy life, that was until I tried out this amazing easy program, I can't believe I made R10 million, I am 43 and have retired, and I am finally living the dream life I always wanted.

  Fredick Johanas (Port Elizabeth)

"..... I was also in trouble with bills, I was blacklisted, I had credit everywhere at times I thought of just giving up living. Now all that has gone, I can at last sleep and never worry like I used to, the amazing thing is that this program is so easy to do even my nieces and nephews can do it. Thank you for changing my life for the better.

  Regina Mhlopo (Kwa-Zulu Natal)

"..... Never in a million years did I think that I would be a millionaire, I have no education, my family is poor, but it was I who finally broke the poverty chain. The first millionaire in my family. My whole family looks up to me for I am now able to support my whole extended family. You have no idea how this makes me feel, I feel worthy and important. Something I have never felt in my life. May God bless you and your organisation for introducing me to this wonderful scheme.

  Jacob Mhlanga (Soweto)



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